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simplehuman rectangular sensor can

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simplehuman rectangular sensor can

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I’ve got good sense: Innovation only makes sense if it’s in sync with your needs. A sensor can shouldn’t open unexpectedly or close before you’re finished with your task. That’s why we developed multi-sense. It reacts and adapts to your behavior. Don’t you wish you refrigerator was this smart?


  • multi-sense: Our sensor adapts to your tasks. Its touch-free technology that’s in sync with your needs.
  • ready mode: The trigger zone is a focused space directly above the lid — easy to reach, but precise enough to avoid false triggers.
  • task mode: Once the lid is open, the trigger zone extends to become more sensitive to activity, so the lid won’t close before you’re finished.
  • stay-open mode: After 3 seconds of continued activity, the lid automatically opens wider and switches to a 30-second stay-open mode — great for longer chores.
  • robust internal hinge: the strong, die-cast steel hinge is built to last, but still sleek enough to place the can right against the wall
  • recycling solution: 48L recycler helps to neatly sort trash and recyclables all in one integrated can. 
  • auto-clutch system: Overstuff the can, slam the lid down, or even pop it open with your hand. The patent-pending clutch system instantly disengages the motor to prevent damage, and then seamlessly restores touch-free movement.
  • energy efficient: efficient power management gets the most out of your batteries (up to 12 months with 6 high-quality alkaline C batteries, not included), or plug the can in with our power adapter (sold separately)
  • recycling solutions: Neatly sort trash and recyclables all in one integrated can.
  • easy access battery compartment: no fumbling under the lid when you need to change the batteries
  • odorsorb™ filters: natural charcoal filter is integrated into the lid to neutralize odors without harmful chemicals
  • hide excess bag: bag tuck® opening tucks away excess bag so it stays neatly out of sight
  • easy moving: nylon discs under the can make it easy to slide and gentle on floors
  • fingerprint-proof stainless steel
  • durable plastic inner bucket

Sizes and dimensions:
40L: 17.4 x 12 x 25.1 (W.D.H.)

55L: 20.2 x 13 x 25.1

5-year warranty

40L - $200.00

48L recycler - $250.00

55L - $250.00

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