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simplehuman odorsorb filter kit

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simplehuman odorsorb filter kit

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The odorsorb filter kit contains activated charcoal to absorb odour-causing agents and neutralise smells. The holding case fits up to two filters and attaches firmly beneath the lid of your bin.


•             odorsorb: eco-friendly charcoal filter neutralises odours without harmful chemicals

•             includes holding case to conceal and protect filter

•             fits perfectly under bin lids, as well as in refrigerators and cupboards

•             easy to attach: includes double sided tape

•             recharges in sunlight: simply expose your filter to sunlight for 3 hours to recharge it - will need to recharge every 4 to 6 weeks

Sizes and dimensions:

•             12.1cm x 2.7cm x 9.6cm (W.D.H.)


•             £4.99


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